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What is so special about an Ayurvedic Diet?

What we eat is very important. Whatever we consume informs the cells within our bodies how they should react. Our mind is also nourished by the food we eat and the energy of our mind and thoughts is directly effected by those choices. Cultivating Sattva in our diet and lifestyle is key to a calm, unperturbed mind; a healthy physical body, and a quiet fulfilled spirit.

There are three main qualities in Ayurveda; Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Sattva is true knowledge, Rajas is the energy of action, and Tamas is the energy of inertia. Most of the foods we consume are either full of Rajas or Tamas which lead to imbalance in the body.

Eating Sattvic is good for the body and the planet. Sattvic foods include fresh, natural vegetarian and organic foods. These include fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables that are cooked, salad, unprocessed grains, lentils and legumes, nuts and dried fruits, ghee and honey, and fresh milk and buttermilk.

Eating a sattvic diet has many benefits. It makes the mind more calm and peaceful, enhances our senses, increases lifespan, improves the qualities of life, improves strength and immunity, improves brain function, and induces good sleep. If the digestion is made paramount, your overall wellness is the consequence of that priority. Eating sattvic is easy on digestion and therefore the health is restored.

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